ywam1Youth with a Mission (YWAM) is an international movement spread out in over 180 countries worldwide with approximately 18,000 staff working in 1,100 locations. This organization is built upon 18 biblical values.

Youth with a Mission in Kosova was established in the year 2000. During the post war period, it has contributed to the recovery of Kosova, by giving its contribution to the building of the Church of Kosova, such as contributing to the establishment of KPEC.

Over the years this organization, whose mission is mainly the youth, has had several directors. Current representatives in Kosova are Kreshnik and Arbëresha Çeka. Some of the many activities that our organization is involved in are: Work with youth, students, building a movement of prayer and worship, encouragement and courage to share the Gospel, contributing to the Kosova society to build healthy families based on biblical values, bringing in the country short term groups from other different countries, etc.

12953318_10209418867655784_1116862802_oOf the aforementioned activities, in the last few days we have taken some action to clean rubbish from neighbourhoods of Prishtina. Targeted area this week was Mati 1 neighbourhood in Prishtina. One of our goals behind this initiative is to raise awareness of the population by being ourselves known example of how to serve the community surrounding us, explains the head of this Organisation Kreshnik Çeka. Toward such initiative have helped also other international YWAM members, who are visiting Kosova as part of their training to making disciples.

“Thanks and appreciations towards us from the residents of this neighbourhood have been countless” emphasized Çeka.

We are still continuing with the project and our heart is to make a difference in our country starting from our homes and neighbourhoods, concluded Kreshnik Çeka, the representative of YWAM Kosova.