Murteza Nura was the latest of Kosova Albanian national awakening. This was said at the commemoration organized for the honor of his life and deeds, on the premises of the cultural palace in Gjakova.

Announcements and greeting speeches were shared by the many present with whom Xaja (as his friends of the ideal; former the political prisoners nicknamed him) had shared his happy and bitter days of life.

Murteza Xajë Nura was born on 27 November 1935 in Peja. He was a poet, a painter and a writer, and as such, he made a great contribution. With his life he served the country and the people since the early days of his life.

From the palace of culture, the mortal cortex was conveyed with military honors by the Kosovo Security Force. At the grave side, the last farewell from this life to the next, was given by the Protestant church believers and its coral group who executed devotional songs. Pastor Femi Cakolli shared the Word of God the Bible. He read part of the book of Romans.

Baca Xajë loved the Bible and often read it.