takimThe honorable Ambassador of the United States of America to Kosova Mr. Greg Delawie together with the political officer at the Embassy Mr. Scott Lang visited Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC). Ambassador Delawie was welcomed by President Pastor Driton Krasniqi with members of the Council of Ministers pastors Femi Cakolli and John Chesnut at the office of KPEC.

The Ambassador was interested in the scope and involvement of the Protestant Community in society and the relationship between KPEC and the state and its role in our country.

The hosts informed the Ambassador about the 200 years’ tradition of the Protestant Church among Albanians citing with particular emphasis how national pastors and American missionaries engaged in convening and organizing the Congress of Manastir and Albanian schools past and present. The guests were informed about the Protestant community engagement to build Kosova as an open society as well as continuing the traditional ties and the development of expanding relations between Kosova and Western societies.

Krasniqi - DelawiePresident Driton Krasniqi in turn highlighted the obstacles facing the Protestant community such as failure to issue building permits for churches. He also expressed his concern for the neglect of municipalities to allocate graveyard plots for the Protestant Church. “Failure to adopt the Amendments to the Law on Freedom of Religion has brought obstacles for our community and for all religious communities in Kosova,” said Pastor Krasniqi. Ambassador Delawie stressed that the Government of the United States of America is committed to continuing to promote religious freedoms and the rights of all citizens of the Republic Kosova.