After 17 years of no solution provided to the long lasting request of the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church for Protestant cemeteries in Kosovo’s Municipalities, once more the Protestant believers faced a very difficult situation of religious discrimination.

The Unites States Embassy Prishtina has issued a statement calling for solution to the unresolved issue of Protestant cemeteries in Municipalities of Kosova. In the statement of the US Embassy spokesperson Ms J. Michele Schohn, as published by the Kosova Daily Newspaper “ZËRI”, it says:

“Kosovo Citizens pay taxes and fees to municipalities and rightfully expect they should be equally respected under law. Freedom of religion is a cherished value for both of our peoples, so much so that it is enshrined in both of our constitutions. We believe it is important to find a solution for the Protestant community on this important issue. What makes this issue difficult to solve is that we understand sections of public cemeteries have been traditionally reserved for individual religious communities. The challenge for municipalities is to ensure access to cemeteries for all groups, but also to do so in a way that is respectful to faith communities that already use designated sections. We recognize this issue can be complicated but believe solutions should be found that enable all communities to feel respected”.