The religious communities in Gjilan in cooperation with the local municipality and the OSCE have decided to call the month of October as the month of Religious Tolerance and Solidarity. On September 29 a planning meeting was held at the Ringjallja Protestant Church. The heads of the four religious communities (Islamic, Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant) along with representatives of the local Municipality and the OSCE. Naim Bllaca and Eugen Begu were present and represented the Protestant Community of Gjilan.

All the participants in the meeting agreed to come together in this important initiative and thus promote the values of religious tolerance, peace and solidarity.

From October 4th these events will be held:

  1. Cleaning the church and mosque in the village Dunav.
  1. Organizing a football tournament in the city sports hall.
  1. Exhibition at the city theatre, inviting all the students from junior high schools of Gjilan to bring pieces or art with the theme: ‘Interreligious tolerance and solidarity’.
  1. Public gathering in the city theatre with the theme: ‘Interreligious tolerance in our municipality and beyond’. Representatives of each religious community will give a public lecture on the theme. Special host will be the head of the Municipality, Mr. Lutfi Haziri.

The Protestant Community of Gjilan will be an active part of this initiative and will participate in the events, thus showing that we are an active community that believes in and promotes the values of love, tolerance and solidarity.