thirrje-protesta1In the premises of the Eparchy of Kosova in Prishtina was held the meeting of the heads of religious communities. The host, Mr. Dodë Gjergji welcomed to the meeting the heads of the Islamic Community of Kosova (BIK) Mr. Naim Tërrnava and President of the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC) Pastor Driton Krasniqi. The meeting was warm and hearty and other then leaders of these religious institutions in the country, the meeting was attended by other senior leaders of the respective religious communities. The working lunch was preceded a joint press conference. The three aforementioned religious leaders urged the country’s political leaders to set aside their grudges putting the people’s interests before their own selfish interests.

President Krasniqi in his speech thanked the host initially, the Catholic Church in Kosova, respectively his counterpart Dodë Gjergji for the hospitality. After, before the reporters, the pastor expressed the gratitude to the Protestant community of Kosova on consideration of all religious communities to our long-standing demand for a location for the cemetery. “The leaders of the religious communities have signed an appeal addressed to the local authorities in Kosova to set the location for Protestant cemetery”, emphasized he on this occasion. Further in his speech, the President said: “This meeting is held in the continuation of other meetings of this nature. These meetings are intended to convey the message of peace and harmony, not only for the general population, but also for all structures in the country “, he stressed.

Bishop Dodë Gjergji, Mufti Naim Tërrnava and President Driton Krasniqi before reporters agreed that the next meeting will be organized by the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church.