Ferizaj 2Today, in the premises of the “Alpha Omega” Fellowship in Ferizaj was held a ceremony in honour of the 7 March – Teacher’s Day.

Pastor Femi Cakolli, PhD delivered a lecture on the role of Protestantism in the establishment, nurturing and promotion of the Albanian school among the Albanian people. Pastor Cakolli finally called these facts are not omitted by our institutions.

Attending this cultural event were dozens of education veterans, teacher, believers and journalists. Nazmi Berisha, leader in the church, “Alpha Omega” in Ferizaj, said that this event is being celebrated to honour teachers and their work, singling out the role of the Qiriazi Family.

March 7 is the day dedicated to the Albanian language teacher and it is considered as one of most important dates for the Albanian nation in general. On March 7, 1887 in Korça opened the first Albanian school with its director Pandeli Sotiri. This was the first Albanian schools and worked in poor conditions due to coercion coming from the Ottoman invaders in consentaneity with the Greek Orthodox Church. However difficulties, the school continued the work of educating the future generation.

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In 1887 in Albania there were about three thousand schools: 1000 Turkish public schools; 1000 Greek private schools; 300 Bulgarian schools, 300 Serbian and 300 Vlach, but had only one Albanian school – Mësonjëtorja (School) of Korça, as prominent Albanian writer Ismail Kadale stated on his facebook profile.

“Mësonjëtorja” of Korça was a joint project between the Protestant church and National Renaissance patriots. In the first year this school was led by Pandeli Sotiri to be followed by Pastor Petro Nini Luarasi, etc.

The translation and publication of the Bible in Albanian; opening of School in Albanian and establishment of the Albanian alphabet, are three major national achievements of the Renaissance period in which the leaders of Protestant movement have played a leading role. In all the three cases, Protestant pastors had managed to gather great patriotic around a common purpose. Herein it is worth mentioning Konstantin Kristoforidhi for translating the Bible into Albanian; Pandeli Sotiri with the opening of the first Albanian school in Korça; Gjergj Fishta at the proceedings of the Congress of the Albanian Alphabet in Manastir.

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Teacher’s Day is marked by numerous cultural activities throughout Kosova. Many schools in Kosova are named after these remarkable renaissance activists.