10400666_21904578530_9134_nAuthor: Lajmi.net.TVLajmeNacionale 11:22, 6 June 2016

The hospitality towards foreigners and the noble spirit of Kosovar-Albanians have made the American citizen Jeff Barkhouse from Carolina to spend almost 17 years in Ferizaj together with his family.

“This is my family’s place. My four children were raised here. Almost all my memories of  my family are related with this place”-says Jeff in an interview for the online news portal Lajmi.net.

He states that the hospitality of the Kosovars is the most beautiful memory he will treasure and that this virtue has never faded for 17 years that he has been here.

“The people’s attitude and hospitality towards me as a foreigner became some of the reasons why I came here in the first place. People here are really blessed because they are grateful and thankful in character.”-says Barkhouse

The American-born Jeff Barkhouse from Raleigh, North Carolina is now fluent in Albanian language.

Jeff has been serving as a pastor of the protestant church “Alfa Omega” for many years now. Besides this ministry, he also helped many families by meeting their needs of food, and clothing.

“During the last war here, I was working with the refugees in Shkup. We would supply the Albanian refugees with food and other basic stuff. Even as refugees the Albanians received me so well as a guest and I thought I really want to come and serve here in Kosova”.

It is interesting that, even 17 years after that, people see me and they remember me. They come and ask “Are you Jeff that I met during the war?”, and they also thank me for all that I have done for them at that time”.

Many youth in Ferizaj have learned English because of Jeff’s work as an English teacher for almost 17 years in this city.

Even though Jeff and Sara’s children spend their childhood here, and this family got the Albanian people’s love and respect, they will end their journey in Kosova this coming July. They will return to their motherland.

Source: www.lajmi.net