Milano 3On July 2, 2015 in the city of Milan, Italy, took place the inter faith conference in the framework of European activities “Dialogue Milan” entitled “Albania, an example of religious living together in Europe”.

Keynote speakers were five representatives of the religious communities from Albania and Kosova: Lucjan Augustini (Albania Catholic Church), Andon Merdani (Albanian Orthodox Church), Baba Mondi (Bektashi Community), Pastor Dr. Femi Cakolli (Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church) and Salim Kruje (Albanian Muslim Community).

All the speakers presented facts and arguments of the factors and historical and cultural developments who have built and ensured religious co-existence between Albanians regardless who have events happened here 600 years earlier.

Pastor Femi Cakolli in his speech after greeting the participants on behalf the KPEC leadership and church membership of the Kosova, citing Albanian Orthodox priest and a great writer Fan S. Noli, added: “Further in 1924 Noli wrote that Albanians should choose either Protestantism or Bektashism. Therefore, what once someone could get as Albanian weakness, today, in the postmodern world we are living in, such a model is turned into a life model; into philosophy of coexistence, into a political approach, and civic necessity”. Speaking of democracy, pastor stressed that it is nondemocratic when three wolves want to engulf a lamb. In conclusion of his speech, Dr. Cakolli mentioned that Protestants in Albania and Kosova are on the eve 200th anniversary of Protestant presence in our region.

The Conference “Albania, an example of religious living together in Europe” was promoted by Italian organization, also known in Kosova with the name” Sant’Egidio”.

The Sant’Egidio Community has announced prayer for Albania in the beginning of the month of September in Tirana as a continuation to this conference.

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