brendaAt the invitation of the OSCE branch in Gjakova, religious preachers of Islamic religious communities, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant Evangelical and Taricats gathered for a joint lunch.

The meeting is described to have passed in brotherly atmosphere and friendly discussions to a better understanding of each other; other community’s work as well as to the development of mutual respect.

Following the joint lunch, the representatives of the Islamic Community, the Catholic Church, the Serbian Orthodox Church from Deçan and the Community of Taricats paid a visit to the Protestant community – namely the “Church of the Lord Jesus-Evangelical” in Gjakova.

In the same warm atmosphere guests were welcomed by pastors Nikë Krasniqi and Jeton Sokoli. Hosts informed the guests with the content of the Protestant faith; scope, operation and organization of our community in Gjakova.

In the end pastor Nikë Krasniqi thanked guests and organizers for visiting. “We thank the OSCE organization for such events. In the future we may give our contribution confident that this will contribute to the strengthening of cooperation and understanding between communities in order to preserve the peace and coexistence in Kosova” said Pastor Nikë Krasniqi at the closure of the visit.