Today, the Prishtina Municipal Assembly passed by a majority vote the proposal of the Department of Urban Planning of Prishtina Municipality, to determine the location for Protestant cemetery.

Mr. Halim Halimi, Chairman of the Prishtina Municipal Assembly, initially sought a declaration by the heads of parliamentary groups on this proposal decision.

All pleaded in favour of the decision with the exception of representatives of the Party of Justice (PD) who voiced opposition.

Lirak Çelaj of the Democratic Party of Kosova (PDK) expressed his surprise about “location on the outskirts of town which is not equal treatment.” He also asked that the Municipality of Prishtina to take over the costs for transforming the area into the cemetery as all other religious cemeteries.

According to the Municipal Regulation for the cemetery, the Prishtina Municipality is obliged to maintain all graves on its territory, assembly members voiced.

At the end of the meeting President Pastor Driton Krasniqi expressed his gratitude to all political parties represented in the Prishtina Municipal Assembly for their positive approach towards our long-standing request. The minister also thanked all parties involved in this lengthy process. “Today’s decision opens the way to other municipal assemblies in Kosova to conclude positively the allocation of sites for the Protestant cemetery” emphasized Krasniqi at the end.

The location of the Protestant cemetery is located beside Jewish cemetery in “Velania” neighbourhood in the cadastral area of Sofali. KPEC Council and Prishtina pastors have agreed with the Municipality of Prishtina for this location as the best solution possible.

Pursuant regulations of the Municipality of Prishtina, it is down to this Municipality to undertake all necessary preparations for purifying the location.