Fotoja e ArtikullitAs noted earlier in the media, at the invitation of the EU Office in Kosovo is staying a delegation of the Venice Commission. The mission of their visit is to give an opinion on the draft law on the legal position of religious communities in the country.

There is more than one year of work on a draft for amendment of the current Law on Freedom of Religion. Protestant Community representative have been actively participating in the works of the committee for the drafting the law initiated by the Government. Law on Freedom of Religion recognizes five traditional religious communities in Kosovo: Islamic Community, Serbian Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, the Protestant Church and Jewish community.

At the meeting held in the premises of the European Commission Office in Kosovo, the Protestant delegation presented the achievements and their observations on the draft law. Initially President Krasniqi made ​​a presentation of the work of hundreds of years of the Protestant community in the Albanian lands. They also talked about the foundations of faith and organizational structure of KPEC as representative of the Protestant Evangelical community in Kosova.

KPEC insists on adopting laws that provide equal treatment in Kosovo as a European value.

KPEC delegation also requested that this law regulates the issue of property, building permits, cemetery, financial transparency of religious communities.

Protestant Church continues to be discriminated against in terms of allocation of plot to bury the Protestant community members. We are also not treated equally in relation to building permits.

President Krasniqi thanked the representatives of the Venice Commission asking them to provide all their professional help to accomplish a law that protects both Kosovo and religious communities.

The Venice Commission is an advisory body within the Council of Europe. This is their first visit to Kosovo since the declaration of independence of the country.