ambasadorjaToday, the new Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia, MadamMarijaKapitanović visited the headquarters of the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC). In the introductory meeting, the Ambassador was received by the KPEC President Pastor DritonKrasniqi with Pastor Femi Cakolli.

Ambassador Kapitanović informed President Krasniqiwith the commitments and mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in our country. The hosts by their sideinformed the Ambassador with the geographical distribution of protestant churches in Kosova and in the region as well as the mission of our churches everywhere in Kosova.

Many other topics of importance for Kosova and the region were discussed as well. PresidentKrasniqi thanked the Ambassador for the help her country is offering to Kosova in continuity. “Kosova can benefit from the best practices of the Republic of Croatia in regardto European integrations”, concluded Krasniqi.