He was born in 1984 in the municipality of Malisheva. In the year 2002 he began studies at the University of Prishtina. In the same year he came to know Jesus through students’ ministry.

Since this year he devoted himself to the ministry of sharing the Gospel among students. In 2006 he joined the student movement “New Life Institute” serving for seven consecutive years of full-time. The first two years he has worked in the ministry Film “Jesus” visiting many villages in Kosova, sharing Gospel.

At the same time there he played an active roleat the Protestant Church “Messiah Evangelical Fellowship” in Prishtina, where he served for several years as Church Elder.

In 2014 began theological studies in South-Eastern Europe seminar in Tirana with the emphasis on the study of ancient Greek language.

NazmiBerisha has participated in many conferences, seminars and various trainings of Teaching and Leadership, domically and abroad. In April 2016 he was ordained as pastor of the Protestant Church “Alpha & Omega Fellowship” in the town of Ferizaj where he lives and works today.

He is married toAlbanaBerisha and together they have two children.