vendim-historikToday, 15 February 2016 at 2:50 PM, the Prishtina Municipal Assembly took the historic decision for Prishtina and Kosovo in general but for Protestant Evangelical community in particular. With 28 votes for; none against and one abstention voted in principle be awarded to Community Evangelical Protestant cemetery location and Evangelical Protestant church in Prishtina. President KPEC calls principled decision in view of the elimination of discrimination and historical.

For today at 14:00 was called the meeting of the Municipal Assembly of Prishtina. Political groups of the Democratic League of Kosova (LDK), the Democratic Party of Kosova (PDK) and the Alliance for New Kosovo (AKR) responded to the call. Absent are representatives of Vetëvendosje (VV) and Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK).

vendim-historik2At the beginning of the meeting the chairman of Prishtina Assembly Mr. Halim Halimi after the quorum call found that the 28 assembly members were present as was necessary to give legitimacy to this assembly. After that, Mr. Halimi addressing municipality assembly emphasized that this agenda that you received, has two other points missing which were already agreed in the Policy and Finance Committee. Among them was the deciding a location for Protestant cemetery and church in Prishtina.

Thereafter the assembly group leaders of LDK Mr. Sami Hamiti and of PDK Mr. Lirak Çelaj reacted by who demanding the return of these items on the agenda as originally agreed upon. With one vote against and all other in favour, the proposal was adopted and the second item on the agenda is the question of Protestant Evangelical cemetery and church.

Mr. Çelaj in support to the proposal stated: “Cemeteries is a fundamental right of the community and is not good when a community feels discriminated against. In principle we agreed with all relevant stakeholders to dedicate the plot for graveyards and cemeteries for the Protestant church near the existing cemeteries, nearby the new US Embassy”.

Mr. Sami Hamiti of LDK in giving his support noted: “There is an agreement on this issue and LDK support it”. The head of the parliamentary group of AKR spoke publicly in favour of the proposal.

Chairman of the Municipal Assembly meeting brought it for voting and the proposal received 28 votes in favour, no votes against and one abstention.

KPEC President pastor Driton Krasniqi who himself was present at the meeting as a guest, in a statement to the media said that this decision in principle is indeed a principled decision because it eliminates discrimination against our community. In addition, this is a historic decision for our community and Kosova in general.

This is a good news for all Protestant Evangelical believers of Prishtina who, due to lack of space cemeteries were forced to find a place in the cemetery of other religious communities. Now remains to the Executive of the Municipality of Prishtina to take all necessary steps to implement the decision of the legislature to Prishtina. The same example should be followed by other municipalities where there are Protestant Evangelical believers.