The Mission of the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church

Pursuant its Statutes, KPEC exists for the following purposes:

  1. To encourage the expansion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    To encourage the expansion of the Kingdom of our God the Father and the continual spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the leading of the Holy Spirit, and to make known to the people of Kosova the Word of God, Holy Scripture – the Bible.
  2. To represent the Protestant Community before the government authorities. To represent the Protestant religious community of Kosova before the local community and government authorities. To intercede for and help its own members in regard to legal and ownership issues. To intercede for and help its own members through interactions with government authorities regarding the possession of graveyards for Protestant believers.
  3. To develop the national church by improving the ecclesiological life.
    To represent and serve the members through communication, through the development of the national church, through church planting, through religious activities and through representation before Christian and secular organizations and institutions within Kosova and abroad to especially bring unity among the members, so that the local churches may have a beneficiary effect on the society, national meetings, prayer gatherings, forums, debates and other similar events and also to help improve the ecclesiological life.
  4. To deal with the issues of public life.
    To deal with the issues of public life in and outside of the country such as human rights, religious rights, peace, justice, poverty, intercultural missions and suchlike.