baneri per kpuk anglishtFraternal meeting between KPEC Council and VUSH Executive Committee: 11-13 March 2015, historic joint Assembly of the Protestant Evangelical Church of Kosova and of Albania in Durres.

The Council of Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC) and the Executive Committee of the Albanian Evangelical Alliance (VUSH) held a working meeting in Tirana. In this meeting with a fraternal spirit, both Committees agreed that that on 11 to 13 March 2015 to hold the joint KPEC-VUSH Assembly in Durres.

In a warm fraternal atmosphere the KPEC Council was welcomed by VUSH’s Executive Committee. Pastors and leaders from Kosova and Albania gathered to discuss the necessary steps for the realization of joint Assembly of the Albanian church in general from both sides of the border.

In his capacity as host, the VUSH President Pastor Ali Kurti expressed welcoming to the participants.

Church leaders from Kosova and Albania agreed unanimously that the time has come that Albanian churches everywhere they are, to deepen their cooperation. An important step in this direction would be the joint Kosova-Albania Assembly, respectively KPEC-VUSH Assembly.

KPEC President Krasniqi thanked the hosts for the warm hospitality today and stated that today we’re deciding for the first joint meeting of Albanian church leaders in general, Kosovo and Albania. He also expressed that today we want to honor all the works between our local churches on both sides of the border over the years.

On such basis it is simply needed the confirmation of a date for such a meeting. Date acceptable to all parties was found to be 11 to 13 March, 2015. This first joint Assembly will be held in Durres, Albania.

Both Committees also reached the agreement to continue with such joint assemblies also in the years to come. A large turnout is expected from both Albania and Kosova in this joint Assembly!