13567238_1792118454337141_8914639899357106768_nThe KPEC President Pastor Driton Krasniqi, accompanied by the pastor of the local church “Rebirth of Kosova” in Gjakova and also a member of the KPEC Council of Ministers Jeton Sokoli visited the Gjakova Municipal Assembly. At the meeting, KPEC delegation was received by the Mayor of Gjakova Mrs. Mimoza Kusari-Lila with collaborators.

The main theme of the meeting was very old demand of the Protestant community to the plot of the Protestant Evangelical community cemetery. President Krasniqi shared with the Mayor Kusari-Lila the progress of the Gospel, the scope and the legal position of KPEC under the current Law on Religious Freedom.

Pastors were interested about the functioning of the Municipal Council for Safety in Community inquired that the Protestant representation is legally regulated.

Thanking the host for hospitality and emphasizing the way forward of the Protestant community for equal rights in Kosova society, President Pastor Driton Krasniqi underlined: “Our requirement for equal treatment and non-discrimination by state institutions is a requirement of fair and sublime”.