In the presence of ministers from all corners of Kosova, at the church “Messiah Evangelical Fellowship” in Prishtina, six students received their diplomas after they accomplished their three year studies in theology in the international program “Build”.

The graduation ceremony was held at the premises of the church “Messiah Evangelical Fellowship” in Prishtina. The ceremony was lead by the coordinator for the Balkans of the international theological program “Bild” and present at the event was also the general director of the program Mr. . Before the distribution of diplomas, the director made a detailed presentation about the functionality of the aforementioned program.

Present at the event was also the President of KPEC Pastor Driton Krasniqi who shared an address. “I would like to see all pastors in Kosova complete biblical studies”, said the President.

The “Build” is a certified program and offers training at many levels of the studies in theology.a