468011_355764384545628_1152192869_oOn the occasion of the International Day of Cleaning, on May 24, 2013, 142 people from Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC) helped in cleaning up the environment throughout Kosova in support of the campaign “LET’S DO IT KOSOVA”.

The means by which KPEC members contributed to this day was through concrete engagement, as local church leaders urged believers to join fellow citizens to clean the country. Protestant believers joined with non-government organizations and municipalities of Kosova by cleaning Arberia Neighborhood in Prishtina, City Square in Podujeva, Vermica and in eight other locations throughout Kosova. The Protestant Evangelical believers had on their t-shirts a verse from the Holy Bible (Psalms 24:1): “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it,    the world, and all who live in it.” By this they were reminded how Jesus cleans our hearts each day and continues to take care of us, and in response to that we should joyfully take care of His possession, “the earth and all who live in it.”

980770_355765274545539_706595694_oWe hope that this initiative will not end here, but will continue to be maintained. We all want Kosova clean, and we must keep it that way. This goes hand in hand to do with an aspect of citizen’s conscience to express daily care if we want to have a clean and healthy environment for all the inhabitants of Kosova.

Below you will see the report of church participation in this project. The identification and selection of the cleaning areas was done in collaboration with the initiative “LET’S DO IT KOSOVA” based on prior P1030405planning.

Report on participation of Protestant Evangelical believers in the project “LET’S DO IT KOSOVA”

MAY 24 2013
Let’s do it Kosova
Cleaning locations
(Includes streets, neighborhoods, squares, parks, sidewalks etc.)
Prishtina Arberia Neighborhood
Gjakova City Center and the “ Mother Theresa” Park
Podujeva City Square, two schools and three parts around the lake in Orlan.
Gjilan Parts from the Gllama village
Lipjan From Youth Center toward Center of the City
Malisheva Places nearby the Church
Prizren Vermica
Kacanik Around Youth Center area