FullSizeRenderOn March 11 to 13, 2015 in Durres was held the joint Assembly of Protestant Evangelical religious communities of Kosova and Albania, respectively Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC) and its sister organization Albanian Evangelical Brotherhood (VUSH). About 200 delegates attended as Parliament good foundation for deeper cooperation in the future.

Never despise small beginnings, echoes the Word of God from the Book of Zechariah, the keynote speaker of the Assembly scholar of Albanian and Protestant literature Dr. John Quanrud, at the first plenary session. Pastor Quanrud for three days of the Assembly covered the historical developments of the eighteenth century Evangelical church until today. “If the church fathers of the Albanian Renaissance era would have visualized that one day so many Albanians pastors would gather together, they would have wept with tears of joy”.

Assembly proceedings were opened by counterpart presidents of VUSH’s and KPEC pastors Ali Kurti and Driton Krasniqi. Pastor Kurti in his speech after having welcomed brethren from Kosova, emphasized on the need for a gathering as this already long time ago. The pastor from the KPEC, after presenting an expose of the KPEC institution as evangelical Protestant voice in Kosova, emphasized the need for the Gospel to resound in every corner of Albanian speaking lands. “Albanian Protestant Church at the time of national awakening was put at the forefront of historical processes illuminating the path of the nation with publication of the Bible in Albanian language; building national unity platform and by lobbying for Kosova and Albania by diplomatic means throughout western governments” concluded President Krasniqi.

IMG_3652The first day was reserved for the presentation of annual reports by the two aforementioned Presidents. President Kurti summed up his report on two pillars: cooperation and the need for increased cooperation with the government and increased cooperation with KPEC. VUSH Secretary General pastor Akil Pano gave an overview of the numerous activities of VUSH toward unifying evangelical body in Albania. President Krasniqi on the other hand began his presentation with a question Quo Vadis Kosova? During the last Easter and Christmas our church buildings for the first time in the history of modern Kosova, are protected by police forces. In his report were noticed training activities organized KPEC for the Kosovar church and cooperation with other religious communities and Government. In this last area there is plenty to be desired Pastor concluded his report.

IMG_3679The second day had a busier agenda for attendees. The three are worth highlighting activities on this occasion: Foreword by the Chairman of the cults of Albania Mr. Ilir Hoxholli; plenary session of evangelical work presentations from Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Switzerland, the US and Canada; Assembly proceedings.

Assembly felt respected by the visit of Mr. Ilir Hoxholli, on behalf of the Government of Albania. He probably felt in a discomfort by the question of an Albanian pastor about no invitation by the Government of Albania under leadership of Edi Rama for Evangelical representatives in the peace march in Paris. Mr. Hoxholli assured Assembly that this problem is addressed in the highest levels of state.

Plenary sessions of presentations were conducted by the protagonists of different ministries throughout areas inhabited by Albanians. Pastor Femi Cakolli emphasized the growing work in Kosova and Protestant institutional organization. Leaders from other countries were focused mainly on beginnings of work among the Albanian population in Macedonia, Montenegro and among the Diaspora. As per Agenda, in the business meetings were a series of approvals such as expense reports, new budget proposal, new memberships, etc.

Day ended with worship and ministry of the Lord’s Supper that was served by two missionary Pastors: Pastor Tomor Ajeti who is born in Kosova and pastors a church in Tirana and Eugen Begu who comes from Tirana to pastor a church in Gjilan. At the end, was organized a reception.

IMG_3683On the third day participants addressed the pastor Quanrud again with a word of inspiration from the Bible to be preceded by the Worship Team of the fellowship of the Lord’s People from Pristina. The close of the Joint Assembly proceedings is done by the ones who did its opening: Pastors Ali Kurti and Driton Krasniqi. Together they assessed this Assembly as a successful and a good one. Positive assessments are given also many others who were present at the Assembly. Pastor Jeton Sokoli of Gjakova said: “We still do not know how historical was in this Assembly”.