jetonJeton Sokoli was born and raised in the town of Gjakova. After the end of latter Kosovo war in 1999, he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Initially he served actively with the children’s ministry to be followed with the youth ministry.

In 2003 he started Bible School in England where he successfully accomplished his studies.
In 2005, upon his return to Kosova, started the Christian radio program “Hour of Decision” in Gjakova broadcast through local radio waves.

In 2007 he planted the church “The Rebirth of Kosova” in Gjakova, where even today continues to be the shepherd in the church.

From 2007 he leads English Courses and teaches English.

In 2010 he has been certified by the European Council as a “Mediator and Teacher” for RAE Community.

Jeton is married and is a father of three children.