Fotoja e ArtikullitInternational Interfaith Conference Held “FAITH AND RECONCILIATION”

On May 24th-26th 2013 the beautiful town of Peja hosted participants from more than 40 countries worldwide. The purpose of this gathering was to discuss and provide input for reconciliation in Kosova, the Balkans and beyond.

The conference was organized by a coalition of several European NGOs. The Kosova Government, Embassies of Great Britain and Norway, UNDP, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and the British Council are sponsors of this event.

Speakers at the conference come with great experience in the field of inter-religious dialogue in various countries of the world. They bring their best experiences in this field.

The first day began with greetings from Madam President Jahjaga and Foreign Minister Mr.Enver Hoxhaj to five leaders of religious communities recognized by Kosova’s Law on Religion.

President Jahjaga emphasized that faith in Kosova is a private matter that contributes collectively. Foreign Minister Hoxhaj presented four points to his vision for a modern Kosova. Among other things, he stressed that in Kosova there will not be significant differences between large and small religious communities.

The President of KPEC, Pastor Driton Krasniqi, emphasized in his speech the need for equal treatment that should be offered to all religious communities in the country. Regarding this he shared two major examples: the first being the words of Jesus in the Holy Scriptures of the Bible, upon which the UN was built: “Do to others what you would want them to do to you.” The other example came from Kosova’s long-standing tradition of coexistence among different peoples, religions and traditions.

Furthermore President Krasniqi emphasized that our generation has the duty of fueling the burning torch that was handed down to us by our ancestors.

The first day of the conference ended with a dinner hosted by the Mayor of Peja, Mr. Ali Berisha. The second day was marked by presentations from different panelists from various countries around the world, followed by discussions with the audience.The third and final day was devoted mainly to visiting religious and cultural sites in the country.

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