According to data from the Institute for Interreligious Dialogue interfaithkosovo, this year the conference was attended by about 200 participants from the continent of Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The conference has captured the attention of all media in Kosova and the region as well as some renowned newspapers such as The Huffington Post and Le Monde. Attending lecturer was also the director of the social network Facebook, whereas the other social network Twitter has announced that this conference was one of the ten most twitted in this social network.

Even this conference, like previous ones, includes presentations and speeches by political and religious leaders. Conference was opened by the president of Kosova Madam Atifete Jahjaga to be followed by words from the leaders of all religious communities in the country. But what has fallen out this year is the lack of top leaders from all religious communities and that communities are represented with representative level. As it is made known by the meeting of the religious leaders, non participation from their side is not related to the conference itself but comes due to the accumulated disappointments against the carelessness of the repeated requests of religious communities by the Government of the Republic of Kosova. It is already known that, despite the recommendations that emerged from the visit of the Venice Commission, Kosovo still does not have a law that defines the legal position of religious communities.

Pastor Femi Cakolli, who spoke on behalf of Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church said: “Kosova Protestant Church wholeheartedly hails organizers and contributors of this international interfaith conference in Kosova, while non-participation of the main leaders of our religious communities today is not tied to this conference, but is an expression of disappointment for the disapproval of the law to regulate the legal status of religious communities, then their non-presentation of decent working and comprehensive differing in public gatherings and negligence of some requests of each community separately, for a period of long time”.

Even the Protestant community continues to face two major difficulties: lack of space for object representative and the failure to issue a building permit to Protestant churches as well as not providing burial space for our community in the municipality.