Pastor Jeton Sokoli: “We are very glad that what we have been praying and hoping for over the 18 years, today has become a reality”

About 40 years ago in Gjakova were built cottages for the needs of the town. After the Kosova war, about 18 years ago, in those cottages found sheltering many families from the municipality of Gjakova who were left without a roof over their head.

Although it was supposed to serve as a temporary shelter to these families, even today, over 40 children live in miserable conditions facing each day the risk of them collapsing.

Today, thanks to the people of goodwill, in Gjakova is laid the cornerstone for the construction of six houses for families in need. The value of this project amounts 150,000.00 Euros and is financially supported by the Dutch foundation “New Day Impact”. The project in question is three-part cooperation between the aforementioned foundation; the Protestant church “the Rebirth of Kosova”, Gjakova and the Municipality of Gjakova.

The Municipality of Gjakova as co-participant in the project allocated the land for use for a period of 99 years in the cadastral zone of Jahoc. Deputy Mayor of Gjakova Mr. Armend Vokshi said that “these homes will meet contemporary standards and families will live on conditions as indeed a family should live in”. According Gjakova Today portal, “this project was implemented in close partnership with the Municipal Assembly – Gjakova, New Day Impact and the Evangelical Church – Gjakova”.

Representative of the Dutch Foundation, Poul Matla expressed his satisfaction for the opportunity to invest this money to the six beneficiary families of this project.

The Pastor of the Protestant Church “the Rebirth of Kosova” in Gjakova, after expressing his satisfaction for the accomplishment of this project for the families we have stood by for the 16 years, underlined: “I thank God that for these families it is ending the anxiety for a hard winter, and for the return of the dignity to them all”. Expressing his gratitude to the municipality of Gjakova and the donor, the pastor also stated that “the union for a sacred cause, as this case, causes miracles to occur!”

Gjykë Kuqi, the family beneficiary of the project, thanked the church for the assistance provided on this occasion. “God bless you all!” concluded she.

As per the implementation plan, it is foreseen that in October this year, these families will rejoice in their new homes.