Pastor MTh Driton KrasniqiFotoja e artikullitDate: 24 May 2013, Peja.

Honorable President Jahjaga,

Dear Minister Mr.Hoxhaj and Deputy Minister Mr.Selimi,

The Honorable Mayor of Peja, Mr..Berisha,

Distinguished Ambassadors,

Dear colleagues, leaders of religious communities in the country,

Dear participants,

I am pleased to follow the previous honorable speakers. I would like to address my speech by bringing a reflection on the “Golden Rule”. “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.” These are the words of Jesus Christ spoken nearly 2000 years ago (summarized by the evangelist Luke in the Gospel of Luke chapter 6 verse 31). These words have had a redemptive effect in the lives of millions, impacting generations of mankind throughout history. This maxim, also known as the ETHIC OF RECIPROCITY, displays essentially the need for equal treatment of all people and to eliminate disparities. Upon this foundation largest organization of countries was built – The United Nations of whom Kosova aims to become an equal member.

Dear participants,

Our people have a long tradition of coexistence among different nations, religions and traditions. Our generation has inherited this wealth from our fathers. It is our duty not to allow the torch of coexistence and equality to be extinguished. It should not be fed with the speech of hatred but with the love and respect of human rights for all. Respect for the rights of all people does not mean creating unilateral committees but offering equal treatment to all.

Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church, as one of the religious communities of the country, remains committed to building dialogue between religious communities, addressing all issues relevant to the best interest of our society. We believe that there is enough room in Kosova for everyone to contribute to the good of all. We are a fortunate country to have so many friends to whom we may look for a model. These are the friendly nations that have already overcome religious conflicts, from whom we can learn.

Allow me to conclude this reference with two beautiful sayings. The first comes from this country’s noble Mother Teresa who said, “Our Love begins at home”. Also it is worth mentioning a word spoken at the General Assembly of the United Nations that says: “Freedom of choice is universal principle to which there should be no exceptions.” (UN, 07.12.1998).

Dear participants,


I wish you success at this conference.

Thank you!

Pastor MTh Driton Krasniqi