President Nishani grants the Qiriazi family the presidential medal “Honor of the Nation”


Today, in the premises of the presidency of the Republic of Albania, in the presence of family members and scholars as well as Protestant Evangelical leaders, in a ceremony, the President of the Republic of Albania Mr. Bujar Nishani awarded the prize “Honor of the Nation” post mortem, to brothers Gjerasim and Gjergj Qiriazi, sisters Sevasti and Parashqevi, as well as the son-in-law of this family Mr. Kristo Dako.

In decree no. 10565 is given the motivation of the president, as follows:

“For the outstanding intellectual and patriotic contribution inside and outside the Albanian territories for the awakening, development and progress of our national education. For the organization and active participation in the Congress of Manastir, the establishment of the first female education institution – the “Qiriazi” school of girls; for the creation of Albanian patriotic associations, the publication of the First Abetare, educational periodicals and historical books.”

The Order “Honor of the Nation” is awarded to the personalities who, by their name and their deeds, contribute, honor the Albanian nation, inside and outside the country.

The role of the Qiriazi family was very multi-dimensional. Their faith served them as a motivation to serve the nation with the light of the Gospel.

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