Ambassador Delawie made a visit to the Protestant Evangelical Community of Gjakova

The Ambassador of the United States of America to Kosovo Mr. Greg Delawie made a visit to the Protestant Evangelical community of Gjakova.

In the premises of the Church of the Lord Jesus-Evangelical in Gjakova guests were welcomed by pastors Nikë Krasniqi and Jeton Sokol and missionary Jacqueline Meihsner.

Initially the hosts showed the church building to the Ambassador which was built with the help of the Protestant church resources.

Pastors then informed the guests about the scope and organization of the Protestant community in the Municipality of Gjakova and the good cooperation we have with other religious communities here.

Pastors expressed their hope to the Ambassador that the cemetery issue for the Protestant community in this municipality will see the light. They also expressed optimism that the Municipality leadership to act in a non-discriminatory way in terms of holiday greetings and equal treatment in the involvement of our representatives in the life of this Municipality. “We hope that equal treatment is reflected in the official documents of the municipality such as Municipal website and the city signs that direct visitors towards our churches,” emphasized pastors.

At the end of the visit, the hosts thanked the guests for their interest and the continued commitment of the US Embassy in Kosovo for the respect of religious freedom in our country!

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