Femi_CFemi A. Cakolli, was born on March 1st, 1969, in the village of Krileva, municipality of Kamenica. Between 1990-1992 worked as chairman of the Cultural Society “Albana” in Kamenica. He turned to the Christian faith on March 15th, 1992. Since 1994 he is serving as the pastor of the Protestant Church “Messiah Evangelical Church” in Prishtina. In 1995 he graduated from the University of Prishtina, on Albanian literature studies. Since 1997 he’s serving as editor of the Publishing House “Tenda” and editor of the magazine “Living Letter”. In 1999 he married Belkize Kryeziu from Prizren. Now they have three children: Elira, Zion and Jerina. In 2002 defended his master thesis titled “Biblical Code in Albanian literature”. In 2006 he defended his doctoral thesis on “Biblical hypertext in Kosova’s literature”.

In 2006 served as the chairman of the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church.

Pastor Femi Cakolli so far has published over 200 articles of various scientific publications – both locally and internationally.

Published titles:

  1. Kodi biblik në letërsinë shqiptare (Biblical Code in Albanian literature (critique));
  2. Pamfletet e mia krishtere (My Christian pamphlets (doctrine));
  3. Hiperteksti biblik në letërsinë e Kosovës (Biblical hypertext in Kosova’s literature (critique));
  4. Mish fryme (Spirit’s flesh (poetry)).

Currently he continuing with his theological studies, and lives in Prishtina

E-mail: fcakolli@kishaprotestante.net