Easter, along with Christmas, constitute noble events listed in the calendar of Christian holidays in general. Whereas in Christmas we celebrate the coming of Jesus to fulfill His mission of reconciliation of man to God, at Easter we celebrate the accomplishment of such mission successfully.

Feast of Passover was and remains one of the most significant holidays for Jews and is rooted in the Book of Exodus 12, in the Bible. This celebration dates back about 3300 years when the Jewish people were in exile in ancient Egypt and is remembered as an act of God for the liberation of human.
Before about 2000 years ago, God took a new initiative. By His great love for His creation sent Jesus Christ to earth. Jesus’ mission was reconciliation of mankind with God. In the Old Testament (also known as the Old Covenant), God had made a covenant with man with the blood of animals, i.e., a lamb without blemish that man will slaughter year after year to remember God’s covenant with man. Obviously in any agreement the parties are expected to abide by the terms of the agreement. In this case the man as the party failed to abide to the agreement and God had to intervene with a new agreement. In this case God decided that all the penalties for breaches of covenant by man not to put on man, but on His Son Jesus. And, Jesus’ death was monumental because it happens at the time of the second Passover. Second Covenant or New Covenant is not related to animal blood but the blood of the Son of God. Jesus was the Lamb of God without blemish in the time of Passover. Jesus was handed over to sinners who tormented and killed him and nailed him at the cross.

Easter would be meaningless if Jesus’ mission was not successful. Had he remained in grave, sin and death would keep power. Had Jesus not risen from the dead there would be no hope for humanity and our faith in God will be in vain. RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST FROM THE DEAD IS THE FOUNDATION OF OUR FATIH AND THE HOPE OF MANKIND FOR DELIVERANCE FROM THE CAPTIVITY OF SIN FOR ETERNAL LIFE.

The Bible – God’s Word, testifies that on the third day after death, Jesus rose again. He appeared to his disciples. Today, Jesus is alive and is in Heaven. One day He will return as a judge.
Easter is a great event and not simply a ritual. Passover marks the event of extension of the hand of God to man, and by no means is an event that conveys exclusivity of any particular religious community. Blessing of the resurrection is for all people without distinction. Passover is the victory of life over death; of light over darkness; of good over evil; reconciliation over hatred. Easter is God’s forgiveness and assurance for eternal life. Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection with body.
On Easter Sunday Protestant churches throughout Kosova join the millions of other Christians worldwide to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Doors of our fellowships will remain open to welcome guests to celebrate with us.