Promovim libri nga misionari holandez.2Date: 13/07/2015

Missionaries connect emotionally with the country they serve – this is a fact. Various missionaries during different periods of history have shown interest about the country they served and started to write about it. It is worth mentioning American missionary Edwin Jacques with his masterpiece on the history of Albanians entitled “Albanians” which continues to rank as one of the most positive piece of writing written by non-Albanians to the Albanian people.

It seems that the same steps, although in another genre, is moving the Dutchman missionary Jaap van’t Veer. Tonight, on the premises of the church “Messiah Evangelical Fellowship” in Prishtina in the presence of believers, fans of art, was promoted his second book poetry collection titled “Udhës” (Way).

Pastor Femi Cakolli, also editor of the book, at the opening ceremony said: “The book “Way” dictates which way should be followed as a man and as a Christian. It shows that there’s a way not as dogma but as configuration”. Furthermore, editor stressed, that the aforementioned book is ethical because it touches hypocrisy of faith; is philosophy and reflection as it raises questions.

From other participants in this evening, Jaap it was given the epithet of a friend of Albanians. As the author himself considers Kosova his second home. He evoked memories of how for the first time he visited Kosova in 1994.

Present at the ceremony was the President of KPEC Pastor Driton Krasniqi. In a speech recalling the “Song of Mary” from the Gospel according to Luke, he said that the Holy Scripture Bible is the cradle of art and culture. “The Protestant Church for centuries old has cultivated art and culture in their midst and that we are doing same tonight,” concluded Krasniqi.

In the end were recited author’s poems but translated into Albanian.