Was born in 1972 in Gjakova! DritonGashifinished his elementary and secondary education in Gjakova. He got saved in 1989! From 1994 becomes a regular participant in church services in a local evangelical Church because before that year Gjakova had no Evangelical Church. Between years 1994 and 2000 he got involved in the worship teamof the church. From 2000 onwards he is engagedfull time in pastoral ministry, initially serving as co pastor. Currently Pastor DritonGashi is the pastor of the FAMILY Church in Gjakova. For more than a decade Pastor Gashi has been involved in the teaching ministry through seminars and conferences in Kosova, Macedonia and Albania.  In the last two years in the ”Family Fellowship” he teaches the biblical training in Bible school “THE WORD”. He has also participated in a biblical series of trainings, seminars, conferences, counselling etc.

Driton Gashi is married to Ina and they have one child.