gjilanThe delegation of the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC) made of Pastor Driton Krasniqi, president; Pastor Femi Cakolli, member of the Council of Ministers and elder in Gjilan Mr. Naim Bllaca visited the Municipality of Gjilan.

The guests were welcomed at the premises of the Assembly by the Mayor of Gjilan, Mr. Lutfi Haziri with collaborators.

Initially President Krasniqi informed mayor Haziri with the work progress and activities of Protestant churches in Kosova – with particular emphasis in the Gjilan municipality – since after the war onwards. In the framework of preparations to mark the 200th anniversary of the Protestant movement among Albanians, President Krasniqi informed mayor Haziri with preparations that are taking place and invited him to the ceremony that will be held in Prishtina.

Then, the KPEC delegation spoke about challenges with the space we are facing as an increasing community and asked for support from the Municipality of Gjilan in settling open issues.

Mayor Lutfi Haziri in turn informed the guests with the Municipality of Gjilan plans to settle the issue of cemeteries. In the end Mayor Haziri expressed his consideration for cooperation and fairness of representative of the Protestant community of Gjilan elder Naim Bllaca in municipal meetings.