Message of President Pastor DritonKrasniqi

Christmas – the manifestation of God’s love toward man

Dear brothers and sisters,
Honoured citizens,

On this Christmas Eve I am honoured to share with you this Christmas message. Christmas, together with Easter,are central Christian celebrations. Therefore, it is highly important to understand the essence of Christmas as indeed it is the good news of God’s love for humanity.

Unfortunately it is the bad news that makes the news and as such dominate the world around us. Even on the international arena this year, Kosovahas had a deficit as regards the portrayal of our country. However, there is another news that is so often overlooked. The news is that God loves us and loves Kosova and our people. He loves us with eternal and unconditional love.

When God had created man, the Bible says that he made in his image. God’s Word also teaches us that God is love. Humans arethe dearest to God. Unfortunately the man failed to return to the Lord with same good, loving him with the same love. Even worse, the man became proud and rebelled against God. This breach of faith by man angered the Lord exceedingly. But, because of his immense love towards us, he gave Jesus, His Son to die in our place.

Jesus’ birth was miraculous, and his life was sinless. This makes Jesus the perfect person to stay as mediator between man and God. No other human being upon the face of the earth has ever managed to take this role.

Hence, at Christmas we celebrate God’s goodness and his compassion towards mankind. Christmas is above all the time of man’s reconciliation with God, but also of man with man.

During the year we are leaving behind our believers everywhere in Kosova have shared the message of reconciliation of God’s love with all people. Our peace with God, dear brothers and sisters, was not given to a certain category of privileged people or to any particular elite only. God’s mercy is shown to every man who accepts it.

Whenhumans lack reconciliation with God, they lack hope for the future and life. In the absence of hope, so many people during the year that we leave behind are fond of bad things caused so much violence and insecurity in the world. So many people have hung their hopes on the economy, politics and careers. But all these are vulnerable and their failure brings great despair. Only God is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Bible confirms this.

Our churches everywhere in Kosova have come to the aid of families in need by any means possible. I express my gratitude to all those who with their good deeds showed their people the love of Jesus by easing the burden a little bit.

Even this year as in previous years, our congregation members everywhere have distributed hundreds of thousands of Christmas gifts bringing a big smile on the faces of the little ones.

This Christmas, as parent and family I am shocked by the failure of humanity. I expressmy solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of people affected by war. I pray that his peace that surpasses human understanding to reign in the Middle East and that the wooded and the broken hearted are healed.

This year, together with you all, we celebrated the 200th anniversary of our presence in this region. During these centuries we have co-existed with other religious communities by sharing together both good times and hardships. I should never forget the great work of the Prishtina Municipal Assembly in allocating the plot of land for the cemetery of our community. The wise action of municipal members has solved a major issue in Prishtina and has opened the way for other municipalities to do the same institutional responsibility. Protection of the least constitutes the basis and the test of democracy. Even in 2016 weare concluding without the Law that defines the legal position of religious communities. I am optimistic that during 2017 our legislators will be remaining at the level of their duty by providing us with the Religion Law.

It is my prayer that during 2017 the Lord God will bless and protect Kosova from any threat it might pose.

May the Lord bless you my friend!

Merry Christmas – the Saviour was born!