Sherbesa e Krishtlindjes 1This year, like other years, evangelical Protestant believers throughout Kosova, in more than 47 churches or church plants, as much as KPEC counts, have celebrated the birth of the Savior of mankind – the Lord Jesus Christ.

In various cities of Kosova, local churches are organized in the communities they serve, where as in the town of Gjakova, Christmas is celebrated together in joint church service by all churches at the Palace of Culture in town. Among the guests was also the mayor of the municipality of Gjakova Mr. Pal Lekaj.

On 25 December, which is the festive day of Christmas, KPEC hosted service in Pristina. Even this year, in the absence of adequate space for such ministry, the faithful gathered in the Red Hall of the Youth Palace.

About 450 church members and other invited guests that gathered together, joined in worshipping the Lord Jesus with Christmas carols under the direction of Worship Team of the Fellowship of the Lord’s People. Beforehand, the well-known Albanian artist specialized in church songs ‘Gospel Music’ Astrit Stafa, performed a song that spoke of his love for God. In ministry there were also other figures from local and international institutions in Kosovo and KFOR soldiers.

SHerbesa e Krishtlindjes 2In his opening speech the President of Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church Pastor MTh Driton Krasniqi reminded the audience that “this year Christmas is celebrated at the time when Protestant Evangelical church has celebrated its 120 years Anniversary as Protestant institutionally organized church among Albanians.”

The Christmas message was brought from Dr. Femi Cakolli, pastor of Messiah Evangelical fellowship in Prishtina. He, amongst others things emphasized the importance of gathering together at this time as this, to thank God who sent His Son Jesus Christ in the world. Today, the world is different because of the redeeming work of God for mankind and therefore there is hope for Kosovo, concluded he.

Fitore Jashari in her testimony with the topic ‘Christmas a reality in my personal life’ reflecting on the life changing work of Jesus in her personal life, evoked memories of how Christ had given her life a meaning when her life had no direction or goal.

After the church service, participants were invited into a Reception. It is also worth noting that the KPEC Youth Committee organized a Christmas Party for the youth of the churches in Prishtina. Even in this party turnout was massive and was held at the premises of a bar in Prishtina.

This Christmas joint church service was only possible due to great volunteer work of church members of all Prishtina churches. For this we are forever thankful to you all!