takimi i lutjes 1 - CopyBelievers from Albania, Kosova and other countries, as well as missionaries serving among Albanians in the Balkans, gathered in Tirana at a convention of prayer for the nation according to the prayer of the prophet Joel “Calling on God for the Nation”. Sports Hall “Asllan Rusi” was small to accommodate all participants. About 3000 believers plead to the Lord for mercy and grace for the Albanian nation.

Albanian Evangelical Brotherhood (VUSH) has sent invitations to all believers of all churches of Albania to gather in a prayer day of humility before God for the Albanian nation. Invitation was also sent to KPEC for the Church of Kosova to be part of this all nation gathering.

takimi i lutjes 5Responding to the invitation, on 29 November 2014, believers from Kosova, some in the bus and some other with their private vehicles, headed toward Tirana to join their brothers and sisters. Pastors from various churches in Kosova, among them the President of KPEC Driton Krasniqi, also attended the prayer convention.

Participant in this great meeting was also the President of the State Committee on Religious Cults of the Government of the Republic of Albania. In his speech, welcoming all people present in the hall as well as Kosovar brothers, Mr. Ilir Hoxholli highlighted the contribution of Evangelicals in Albania as an asset.

The meeting was built upon repentance, forgiveness, healing, redemption, reconciliation. Of course the prayer topics were developed upon such basis. Convention was opened by the VUSH President Pastor Ali Kurti to whom God had given a vision of a great prayer meeting. The leaders of the VUSH’s Executive Committee lead believers in strategic points of repentance and prayer.

takimi i lutjes 3Valuable amount of time as set apart to prayer for Kosova. President Krasniqi presented prayer topics that were concentrated in repentance and prayer for Kosova. Pastors from Kosova, who jointly stood on the stage, lead the crowd of people in prayer for our country. Anita, a believer from Mitrovica and participant in this great prayer meeting, this is how she expressed her impressions for the meeting in her public profile on facebook: “Wow!!! Never been in middle of so many Albanian / Kosovar believers!!! Breathaway!!! Wow Lord!!!”.

KPEC and VUSH plan to deepen their strategic cooperation. Another upcoming major event planned is the KPEC-VUSH joint Assembly to be held in March 2015 in Durres.