KPEC held its General Assembly – reaffirmed the leadership of Pastor Driton Krasniqi at the top of the Protestant Religious Community

On 14 and 15 March 2014 the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC) held its 11th annual regular general assembly in Prishtina. KPEC is religious communities in Kosova, which is the union of 47 churches and church plants throughout Kosova. At the KPEC Assembly are represented all its member churches with their delegates – each with one vote.

Today, on the second day of its plenary sessions, delegates, the representatives of member churches with KPEC held its regular annual Assembly. Part of the Agenda was the election of the Council as well as of the President.

With strong majority vote, Assembly reconfirms Pastor Driton Krasniqi as KPEC President for his second term of three years. The Assembly also voted the new seven-member KPEC Council.

Election of the President and the Council is made ​​by secret ballot of two thirds of the membership. Pursuant Statutes and Bylaws KPEC President has the right to re-election for two consecutive terms.

President Krasniqi after receiving the trust by the Assembly gave a speech in which revealed part of his vision for the advancement of KPEC.

In his speech before the delegates of the Assembly, the newly elect President Krasniqi inter alia stated: “We want to see a strong KPEC both internally and in its external presentation. We want to see KPEC a common house of all its members. We want to see a KPEC with its identity and cooperative with its members, institutions and sister Alliances all over Europe and beyond, with particular emphasis on Albanian Evangelical Alliance (VUSH). We want to see a KPEC that advocates for justice and a guardian of religious rights in Kosovo for all Protestant Evangelical believers. We want to see KPEC as a catalyst between members by building on best practices ministries of its members and replicate them to others. We want to see a KPEC with servant leadership”.

Assembly as the supreme legislative body has approved the expense report and budget for the new fiscal year. This year’s Assembly is also described by other events such as visits and presentations of 7 delegations from partner organizations; wider delegation of VUSH and their contribution to the sharing of the Word as well as the Assembly of Youth with a massive turnout.