New York, November 5, 2016

Pastor and Leaders of Albanian Evangelical churches in the United States and Canada who gather in a joint church service at the Baptist Church in New York city, have announced the formation of the Albanian Evangelical Brotherhood for Northern America. Pastors from Kosova and Albania have been part of this historic church service. The KPEC President Pastor Driton Krasniqi has sent his congratulatory word via video link. In the statement issued following the church service amongst other things it says the following:

By God’s grace, the gospel is being proclaimed among Albanians in North America as an extension of the mission of Jesus Christ that has its roots in Kosova and Albania where local churches have been planted and are being established. With local Albanian churches now existing or emerging in major cities as those in the New York metropolitan region, Philadelphia, Toronto, Chicago and in Michigan, it seemed timely to come together in the gospel as a brotherhood in keeping with the same movement that is now expressed in the Albanian Evangelical Brotherhood in Albania (VUSh), and in the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC).

Alongside the remembrance of the evangelical roots of the first modern version of the Albanian Kristoforidhi Bible 200 years ago, the founding of the first girl’s school in Korçë and the original Vëllazëria Ungjillore some 125 years ago, Albanian ministry leaders and believers gathered to celebrate the beginning of a common identity and mission together in the work of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ among ethnic immigrants now living in North America.  Churches and church leaders have been meeting annually in North America since 2012.  It is believed to have been the largest gathering in history of Albanian Evangelical believers at one time and by our commitment and prayer for one another we trust our community will only increase as a testimony to God’s faithfulness to the Albanian people since that time that Apostle Paul first fully announced the gospel from ‘Jerusalem to Illyricum’.  (Romans 15:19-20)

The mission of our brotherhood is to support the fulfillment of the great commission of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28.18-20 and Acts 1:8) in the establishment and multiplication of evangelical Protestant churches and the full integration of believers in the life of existing local churches of the host culture among Albanians living in North America.  Together we want to encourage and promote the founding of local churches and church-based gospel outreach to Albanians wherever significant communities of ethnic Albanians are found in North America.  To do this, we will seek partnering relationships among existing local churches, apostolic leaders and culturally focused benefactors within an overall stewardship to our unique mission with a goal of seeing Albanian believers meeting regularly as churches or within churches so that God’s faithfulness may be made known in the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations.

We thank the Lord together with all the churches and disciples of Jesus Christ wherever Albanians are found both in the homeland and the Global Diaspora, and ask for your prayers on our behalf “so that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 3:10) and that the world changing news of God’s “besa” will be made known by his faithful witnesses among Albanians to “the ends of the earth”. (Acts 1:8), it says in the closure of the statement signed by Steve Galegor, moderator of the VUSH in Northern America.

The KPEC President being unable to personally be part of this event sent his deep consideration via a video link. On behalf of Kosova Protestant Evangelical believers he wished them all every blessing from God.

“Similar action as your, we at the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Community have done many years ago. It is all worth the effort of working together. Rewards from joint works are multi dimensional. In Kosova we have proven that it is much better to work together then separately”, said Krasniqi.

“In Kosova we have just celebrated the 200th Anniversary of the Protestant Movement among Albanians. We are so thrilled that while we are still in celebration mood, such good news comes from America. It is our desire that together with you we expand the Kingdom of God. Therefore, in the future cooperation with you all will be essential and strategic”, concluded Pastor Driton Krasniqi.