• In 1992 Nikë Krasniqi begins his first missionary trips to the town of Gjakova.
  • In 1994 established “Church of the Lord Jesus-Evangelical”, the first church in the municipality of Gjakova.
  • In 2001 inaugurated the building of the evangelical Protestant church in the municipality of Gjakova.

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To honour the work of God in this municipality, at the Church of the Lord Jesus-Evangelical was held the solemnity of marking these important anniversaries.

Congratulatory telegram sent on this occasion the Mayor of Gjakova Mrs. Mimoza Kusari-Lila. Present at the event were pastors and missionaries serving in Kosova, Albania and Macedonia and Great Britain. Present were also presidents of Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC) and its sister church of Albania “Albanian Evangelical Brotherhood” (VUSH) Pastor Driton Krasniqi and Pastor Ali Kurti.

At the beginning of this festive service was sung songs of praise and worship to God, to be followed by testimonies from the first strands were shared by local church pastors in Gjakova: Astrit Morina, Driton Gashi and Jeton Sokoli. VUSH President pastor Ali Kurti valuing the Lord’s work in the municipality of Gjakova, among other remarks, stated: “The work of God in Gjakova is closely related to the loyalty of the servants of God Pastor Nikë and Pashke Krasniqi”. On this occasion he presented a plaque of appreciation to Pastor Nikë.

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Gjakova Mayor Mrs. Mimoza Kusari-Lila been unable to personally be present due to a trip planned long ago sent a congratulatory telegram. In her letter, which was read before about 250 guests at the church service, read the following: “The Protestant Evangelical Church in Gjakova, today marks two decades of activity, whereby through its human and spiritual ministries, has completed a diversity of religious beliefs in the municipality of Gjakova. With the establishment and operation of a particular religious community, the municipal institution and citizens are grateful for all contributions made not only in the cultivation of religion, but also to human radiation through aid provided in its variety”.

Ryan Ahern, pastor of the Staplehurst Evangelical Church in UK, in his sermon focused at the importance of standing connected with one another.

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The pastor of the church, Nikë Krasniqi in his comprehensive speech spoke about the challenges and blessings of a journey of more than 20 years. In conclusion he noted: “Together we have come thus far and together we will continue to preach the Gospel in these areas.”

In the end, church members from Prishtina served the many guests with a rich reception.